Business Introduction

Autocon System is committed to maximizing customer value and supplying the best products and the best technical services.


By installing a collaborative robot with ONROBOT grippers, you get the same precision that never decreases over time. By programming the pressure of the ONROBOT gripper, even the weakest parts can be handled easily. Automating the pick and place process in the food and pharmaceutical industry can significantly reduce the risk of product contamination.
Machine tanding
Machine standing can be a tedious and dangerous task and requires a high degree of consistency even after long hours of work. Automating machine-stand-in operations not only improves worker safety, but also increases productivity and allows production to continue after the operator leaves the workplace.
Packaging and palletizing
By automating the packaging line, a collaborative model is available that provides automated robotic solutions that work with employees. By using a collaborative packaging robot with ONROBOT end-arm tool, part packaging time can be reduced and workers' repetitive tasks reduced.
ONROBOT's collaborative END OF ARM TOOLING (EOAT) helps improve production and quality while lowering costs. It is very advantageous for small and medium-sized businesses that feature low-volume production of multiple varieties through easy relocation.
Quality test and inspection
Labs are often narrow and precious, so a small consultative robot can be a great solution. Attaching the ONROBOT end arm tool (EOAT) ensures precision and consistency in operation. Pressure-programmable ONROBOT gripper handles blood test samples or other delicate operations.
Surface finish
Now ONROBOT surface finish solutions can be "teached" to reliably follow any kind of difficult contours without a few days of programming. The robot can maintain the same force and speed constantly through ONROBOT force / torque sensor and software package equipped with ONTOFORCE technology. Achieve accurate surface finish goals with quick integration and easy programming.
Customer consulting
Visit the site and guide you on how to build a system that meets your needs.
Design proposal
Based on many years of automation experience, we set and propose design directions suitable for customer needs and sites..
setup and test
After design is completed, all processes are directly performed from delivery to installation and commissioning.
Versatile Plug & Produce Gripper
The world's first built-in force / rotation and proximity sensor to detect objects
Delicate yet sturdy grip inspired by nature
Flexible, adjustable vacuum gripper that requires no external air
Simplify automation with flexible and accurate sensors
Quickly change tools to meet changing production requirements, use dual quick chasers to increase robot utilization with two tools at once.
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